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Program Organizing Committee (POC)

Pascal Ballester (ESO) pballest@eso.org

Pascal Ballester is Head of the Pipeline Systems Department at the European Southern Observatory. He joined ESO in 1990, to integrate the Image Processing Group for the development of instrument-related software in MIDAS. He coordinated several projects for the Very Large Telescope, including data reduction software for the high-resolution spectrograph UVES of the Very Large Telescope, the ESO Exposure Time Calculators, and Data Flow System for the VLT Interferometer.  Since 2007, he leads the ESO Pipeline Systems Department, responsible for the development of data reduction software and observation preparation models for the VLT and ALMA facilities.

Sébastien Derrière (CDS/France) sebastien.derriere@astro.unistra.fr


Mike Fitzpatrick

Mike Fitzpatrick - POC Exec (NOAO) fitz@noao.edu

Mike is a Principal Software Systems Engineer at NOAO, beginning his career with the IRAF Project in 1988. Since then, he has been involved in a wide range of observatory projects involving data analysis, acquisition and transport, Virtual Observatory application development and ongoing support for the IRAF system.

Carlos Gabriel

Carlos Gabriel (ESA-ESAC) Carlos.Gabriel@sciops.esa.int

Carlos is a staff member of the European Space Agency, currently working in the XMM-Newton Space Operations Centre, at the European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC), located in Villafranca del Castillo, Spain. He has been working in astronomical software development for more than 15 years as well as participating in the calibration of infrared and x-ray space-bourne instruments. Currently he is leading the XMM-Newton scientific analysis software development team.


Stephen Gwyn

Stephen Gwyn (CADC) Stephen.Gwyn@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca

Stephen works as a data specialist at the Canadian Astronomy Data Center. He has developed MegaPipe a pipeline to handle data from MegaCam on CFHT and WIRwolf for data from WIRcam, also on CFHT. He also designed the Solar System Object Image Search service at the CADC.

Jorge Ibsen  


Tony Krueger

Tony Krueger - POC Exec (STScI) krueger@stsci.edu

Tony Krueger is the Chief Engineer for Planning and Scheduling at the Space Telescope Science Institute. He is responsible for the technical oversight of the James Webb Space Telescope's and the Hubble Space Telescope's planning and scheduling software systems.


Kathleen Labrie klabrie@gemini.edu  

Kathleen is an Observatory Scientist at Gemini Observatory. She has been involved with the development of the Gemini data reduction software since she joined Gemini in 2003. Her involvement has been at all level, from developer, to manager, and also as a user through her personal astronomical research endeavours.

Mark Lacy  


Jim Lewis (IoA) jrl@ast.cam.ac.uk

Jim Lewis is a scientist at the Cambridge Astronomy Survey Unit at the University of Cambridge. He has been involved in developing data reduction and pipeline software for about 15 years principally in the optical and infrared wavebands. He is currently writing the pipelines for WFCAM (UKIRT's new multi-detector imager) and for VISTA. In addition to his work in data reduction, he is also responsible for the CASU data centre which archives almost all of the optical and infrared telescope data from the UK's ground-based facilities.


Nuria Lorente - POC Chair (AAO) nuria.lorente@aao.gov.au

Nuria Lorente is currently working with the Australian Astronomical Observatory. Her 20-year career has taken her around the world, from the Australia Telescope National Facility (now CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science), to Jodrell Bank Observatory, the Astronomy Technology Centre in the UK and the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in the USA. She has a wide range of experience in astronomical software for both optical and radio observatories, and and has particular interests in data simulation, source-finding algorithms, and the development of computing and software engineering within the astronomical community. Nuria feels fortunate to have worked with some very talented people and on a number of interesting projects and instruments, including ALMA, JWST/MIRI, VISTA, MERLIN, ATCA and currently SAMI and TAIPAN.

Fabio Pasian

Fabio Pasian (INAF) fabio.pasian@inaf.it  

Fabio is a senior astronomer at INAF-OATS where he leads a group composed of over 30 scientists and engineers involved, mostly in the framework of international projects, in the development of computer applications for astrophysics (control of scientific instrumentation, distributed computing, data processing and archiving, and the astronomical Virtual Observatory). Currently he is Co-I of Planck, and a member of the Project Office of the Science Ground Segment for the Euclid mission.

Arnold Rots

Arnold Rots (SAO) arots@head.cfa.harvard.edu

Arnold Rots started out as a radio astronomer and is currently the archive astrophysicist for the Chandra X-ray Observatory Science Center (CXC) at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) in Cambridge, MA, USA. His specialty in the Virtual Observatory context is metadata for Space-Time Coordinates. He also chairs the North-American FITS committee and the Astrophysics Data Centers Executive Council (ADEC).


Keith Shortridge

Keith Shortridge (AAO) ks@aao.gov.au

Keith works at the Australian Astronomical Observatory, and has many years of experience developing astronomical software, mainly for instrument control and data reduction. He is particularly interested in the use of hardware simulation in instrument control software projects, and in ways of displaying astronomical data.


Mauricio Solar

Mauricio Solar mauricio.solar@gmail.com  

Mauricio is an Electronic Engineer and a full professor in the Informatics Department at Technical University Federico Santa María (UTFSM), Chile, where he leads a research group in Astro-informatics since 2009. He coordinates several projects in the development of computer applications for astronomy. He leads the development of the Chilean Virtual Observatory (ChiVO), and he is the Chilean representative of ChiVO in IVOA.

Koh-Ichiro Morita

Tadafumi Takata (NAOJ) tadafumi.takata@nao.ac.jp

Tadafumi is an astronomer based on optical/near infrared observation and has worked for 10 years on the data archive system of the Japanese Subaru telescope. He is currently an associate professor at the Astronomy Data Center (ADC) of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan in charge of data management.

Tom Handley

Harry Teplitz (IPAC/Caltech) hit@ipac.caltech.edu

Harry is a research scientist at the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center at Caltech. He is the Science Lead for the NASA/IPAC Infrared Science Archive (IRSA), which curates data and enhanced science products from NASA's infrared and sub-millimeter missions, including IRAS, 2MASS, Spitzer and WISE.

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